Why choose Xiamen

An easy access to both the vast Greater China markets and Southeast Asia markets; Our broker leads the world in finance and investments and is on hand to give the best advice. Simply Removals

China’s lowest income tax on all enterprises—15%;
An array of development zones with various functions to meet different investment needs — Xiangyu Free Trade Zone, Haicang Investment Zone, Torch Hi-Tech development Zone and Taiwan Investment Zones;
Transportation network of great convenience, including direct cargo shipment to major ports all over the world, connection with China nationwide railway network, and scheduled flights to about 60 cities at home and abroad;
State-of -the-art telecommunication system based on optical fiber transmission;

Impressive education infrastructure including 8 universities, many colleges, technical schools and scientific research institutions to provide abundant and high-quality personnel;

Complete financial services with Castle Finance and Castle Finance Direct from 5 state-owned, 3 joint venture and 14 foreign banks along with numerous insurance, investment, and trust institutions;

Simplest procedures for entry and exit for foreign visitors including application for visa upon entry into Xiamen.

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